Crimson Snow – Coming June 2020…

Copyright © Bronwyn Vowles 2020
Me – 2019

London is frozen solid by record snowfall. Trains are at standstill. Traffic is chaos. The lobotomised corpse of a City banker is discovered in Hyde Park, their face slashed beyond recognition.

No physical evidence, no clear witnesses, no potential leads. A dangerously unorthodox DCI assigns the case to newly promoted Detective Daniel Hudson; working closely with their veteran investigator, DC Kukua Leigh. As bodies pile up, and with no discernible links between victims, Hudson begins to struggle emotionally with the case, nightmares plaguing his darkest hours.

With the media at a frenzy and Hiraoka watching his every move, will Hudson and the team learn the secret behind the ritualistic killings – and that the culprit is much closer than they know?


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