Book Covers

On the way back from a day of meetings in London and thought I’d write up a blog post of where I’m now at with the book!

I’m currently still in the process of getting quotes and details for book covers and the novel as a whole still needs a few final proofreads, but I’m pretty confident with everything thus far.

Until I have art and cover designs for the book, I won’t advertise a set publish date. I want to publish in March but currently there’s still factors out of my immediate control that could change this.

I’m going to be doing a release on ebook and paperback but I also want artwork on my social media too, so that’s a cost there and something j want in place before I truly go out to market with the novel.

Bit of a short update but that’s where I’m at. Feeling good about where the story is – still a bit unhappy but it’s my first so that will always be the case. If I waited until it was perfect I’d never get it finished!

As always, any questions at all drop a comment below or hit me up on social media.

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