The Road to Self-Publishing: #1 Why Do I Want to Self-Publish?

Majestically staring off into the distance…

I want to start documenting things a bit more – to diarise my life and process throughout this whole saga. How did I get here? What am I doing to self-publish, and why the hell I’m doing it in the first place?

Which is a great topic for this first entry…

Why do I want to self-publish?

Initially, for a very long time, I detested the idea. I wanted to navigate the traditional route, by obtaining the respect and business of prestigious agents and publishing houses. I wanted my hard work and dedication to be matched by third parties in the mix. I wanted it all.

Naturally, this comes across as both ambitious and crazy. I truly wanted to succeed and write great books but also wanted the fame and glory of getting a great big deal with lots of money. The problem with that little notion is why I have ultimately decided to go with self-publishing.

It all comes down to why I do what I do. Why do I bother writing anything at all? It’s because I bloody love it. I love writing in all its forms. Emails, blog posts, book reviews, and fiction most of all. I love story-telling even more than I do reading. It’s exhilarating! But, to get something even more from it, I love for others to take pleasure in it too. You see, if I sit back and spend years sending off revised manuscript after revised manuscript to agents, trying to pitch my heart out, no one ends up reading my stuff (no matter how unfortunately turd it is).

So I considered the situation. How can I take my writing, getting it out to people to read as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining a high level of quality and professionalism? Well, to be honest, I’m still weighing all that up. But what it does include, is shipping out all my short stories, podcasts, reviews, blogs and so forth for free on my website. With the books, it’s to invest in highly trained editors and artists for the manuscript and book covers. If I’m going to do it, I don’t want to do a hash job with MS paint and Grammarly breathing down my effin’ neck?

Ultimately, I want to self-publish because it means my writing spends less time sitting on my computer doing nothing. People get to read it. I get to write more and it just bodes well for my happiness levels. It’s better for mental health! And if it means I only earn a few pennies off the sales, then so be it. As long as I get to tell my stories and at least a few people enjoy them, I’ll be a very happy man indeed.

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