The Road to Self-Publishing: #3 What Do I Want to Write in the Future?

Me relaxing – couldn’t find a contemplative picture!

My first and probably second novels will be crime fiction. But is that all I want to write and be known for? Absolutely not. Crime fiction is an itch that I’ve wanted to scratch for a while now and one that’ll be satisfied come June 2020! But it’s not all I want to do…

Casting back to my infancy, fantasy has been the genre of choice. On top of that, I’ve always wanted to write an anthology of poems and even a few young adult dramas to boot. In short, I have quite a collective to choose from. I don’t just want to pin myself into a brand and run it into the ground. For me, writing is an adventure and I’d rather now walk down the same road even if it does take me through different narrative towns. No. I want to walk dirt roads and navigate rapids and streams. I want to climb mountains and scale desert dunes.

So what am I going to write after crime fiction?

Well, the truth is, I’m writing plans for two other books. One of them is a complex mix of steampunk, cyberpunk and otherworld fantasy. The other is completely different, a contemporary young adult drama epic. I’m extremely excited about both. Each story presents an entirely different challenge to overcome. Each contains another world to explore and negotiate. There’s just so much to do!

And that’s not the end of it. I plan to do more, write in other genres and other story series. I have never kept to a specific genre whilst reading so I don’t see why I should approach writing in another fashion. I think it’s a great way to enrich one’s life and their general reading glossary. Build up that corpus! I hope that any who are here reading my blog and sticking around for the ride will enjoy what I get to write and travel on the journey with me. I think at this point only death would stop me writing.


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