The Road to Self-Publishing: #5 Day in a Life of Writing

Work Station!

So what does my day-to-day look like exactly? For many it’s hectic, for others, it’s bliss. Unfortunately, I tend to fall into the prior category, balancing my writing and reading around a full-time job. Check out the below to see how I attempt to fit writing a novel into my routines!

Wake Up!
As it says on the tin. I wake up and go about washing and getting myself ready for the day.

My shift officially starts at half 8, but I tend to boot my computer up ready for the day to get a head start on emails. I make sure I have myself prepared for the day. I will usually have a few calls and work up until midday.

Again, pretty self-explanatory! I have enough time to work out and/or cook a quick lunch. It’s much more convenient now on lockdown!

Back To Work!
I ensure I’m back at my desk and tackle work for the afternoon.

Clock Off!
This is approximately the time I clock off work and start unwinding down. Getting changed, tacking things to the kitchen and thinking about getting dinner sorted. Usually a few admin tasks and chores.

I start prepping and getting dinner ready around this time and sit down with a TV show usually. I tend to eat between 6-8 on all days.

Free time!
By the time I’ve had dinner and everything is set aside, it’s about half 7/8 in the evening. So for the next 2-3 hours I have time to do whatever I want! At the moment, with the WFH plan going on, I am often mentally tired so unwind with the PS4 or a TV show. I’ll use some of this time to practice my Spanish too.

Bed time seems to creep up rapidly so I try to get a chapter proof read if I can, but I honestly find the motivation difficult late in the evening.

Bed time!
By about half 10/11 I am in bed checking the news or dropping off to sleep. Right before bed I try to do something that doesn’t require any thought processes so I am nice and relaxed. This is when I should try to read more but I always last a chapter before falling asleep!


If you’ve made it this far in the post, bravo! As you can see, with a full-time job, it takes a lot of discipline and motivation (and coffee), to fit in writing. If you’re an author or inspiring author with a full-time job you may fully appreciate this situation.

In an ideal world, I would be fully supported by my writing and blogging and I could use my days to write. Sadly, for most of us normal folk, the bills need paying! That’s where weekends and days off work come in handy…

It’s extremely easy, as I have regularly found, to punish myself for not getting much done. But in reality, getting anything done on a schedule like mine or worse is an achievement! Anyone that gets even a few words done a week is making progress! It’s like having two jobs…

So, for those of you trapped away under Coronavirus lockdown, trying to find the energy to get creative around your job/family, don’t give up. It’s punishing and often unrewarding but it all pays off eventually. We got this.


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