The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media

94390379_626031604613610_2536388530016354304_nI’ve never been, am, nor will ever try to profess myself to be savvy with social media. The extent of it arrives at a selection of memes and that’s about it, I’m afraid. I do try my best but really, what I’ve discovered with self-publishing, is that it’s not good enough. You need to thoroughly understand what you’re doing.

As it stands, I have a Twitter account: @JasonVowles, a FB Page: @JasonRVowles, an Instagram Account: @JasonRVowles and now this website! I’ve spent most of the last four years writing this book, with very little thought as to how I would let people know about it. How does it all work?

There is a part of me that wishes I could just open my window, yell down the street that my book is about to be published, you should buy it and read it, and hope that is all the advertising I need to do. Except that’s far from the truth. I need to engage across all social media platforms in a coordinated manner, to fully maximise myself and ensure no one misses out.

But do people actually give a toss? Am I just going to bombard people with crap? The people I want to become my readers will begin to hate me, surely!?

These are doubts and anxieties I always have. Even writing this post! Reason, however, tells me otherwise. That sometimes you can browse your twitter/FB feeds daily and STILL miss information and news. I regularly miss the latest scoops on books. So, in many cases, I wish others had just shared it a bit more frequently for my benefit.

On top of that, why would people hate you for working hard on something you’re passionate about? I’m not promoting a pyramid scheme. I’m not trying to deceive people out of money or push my political agenda. No. It’s a book I’ve toiled on for half a decade and, or the ebook, I’m asking for 99p. For many, it’ll be free!

It sounds like the obvious but I hope I’m not alone in having these thoughts. It’s good to remind yourself and teach your mind not to dive into regressive, negative emotions. Thousands and thousands of people around the world are writing and selling books. Why not you and I?

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