The Road to Self-Publishing: #7 Starting a Website

Quarantine haircut…

I can’t wait to read this blog post back one day, after a further decade of experience, and cringe inwardly. But I’m committed to writing about my self-publishing story and that includes managing a website!

For the most part, right now, it’s still a huge WIP. I’ve decided thus far, to break the website into sections that would provide content, a platform for my books as well as a page about who I am.

Home Page, About Me, Blog, Writer’s Diary, Short Stories, Podcasts, and Book Reviews.

Home Page
Firstly, I wanted a landing page. A place for visitors – an introduction to the book I’m writing and a way to sign up! This is important so that I can help promote my book and be professional.

About Me
Next, a bit about who I am as a person. Like everyone else who writes and blogs, I have a whole other aspect to me outside of my writing gig. It’s important to portray that and reach out to people. Hopefully, it’s how you meet like-minded individuals!

This is enormously WIP, partly because I wanted a place to throw down my thoughts and feelings on the fly, whilst going about my day. Whether that’s about something in the news, something I’ve discovered or whatever. Truth be told, with my current work on the book taking up so much time, the writer’s diary is really the only thing I can keep updated! My goal with the blog is to be a source of good writing gossip. I post a lot on social media but not everyone has that capacity. Not everyone likes FB, Instagram, or Twitter. So that’s what I hope the blog can be when I have more free time.

Writer’s Diary
This is where I write entries about my journey to self-publishing and beyond. It’s where I’m posting this! Ultimately, I want this to serve as an index of entries for those aspiring to write. Tidbits and insights into the process and what I (a complete novice) go through to achieve what I hope one day is a success. I could also add that I hope to unveil what success looks like, what that means for different people. Who knows.

Short Stories
So, this is actually a catalogue of stuff I wrote years ago. Back when I first moved to Wales, UK, and had very little to do. I worked on and off in crap jobs, trying to find myself again. During that time I wrote short-stories and genuinely loved my time doing so. I found a subreddit which prompted idea’s and I got into that too. I want to post more but, I think I might can this and build an anthology of stories to sell instead. Because, you know, capitalism etc etc.

This first started off as a Drunk Wiki thing which didn’t really take off like I’d hoped. Really, it was a nice exercise into how to podcast and what not to do. Namely a drunk wiki podcast. I think for the future, I want to do podcasts closer to the theme of writing and books. Record them for a YouTube channel and take the audio for an optional podcast format. This is definitely all still WIP.

Book Reviews
When I first started blogging in 2012, it was book reviewing big-name authors and indie authors. I desperately want to get back into this; it’s my happy place! I also think it’d be a nice platform to help support fellow indie writers and provide nice feedback and exposure.

So in all, I have maybe one or two things to cut or change up drastically. It’s all a journey.




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