About Me

If you’re here, it probably means I’ve forcibly sent you down a dark hole, either to check out one of my books, or just to read the other crap on this website. For that, I’m partially sorry. But, since you’re here, a little about me.

Just turned 30, I’ve moved around quite a bit in life, from Norwich to Bristol and now Cardiff. Spending the best part of two decades writing, I finally chose to study a BA in Literature – the last five years culminating in my finished novel, Crimson Snow. Woohoo!

Like any normal human being, I don’t spend my waking hours blogging, reading, and writing. When we’re not in lockdown, I like to go out and drink, go hiking and exploring, listen to music and knock myself out in the gym. The usual menagerie of hobbies. I love engaging with people, so whilst writing is quite a solitary activity, I figured it didn’t have to stay that way. And here I am.

The problem with writing is the creation of blogs and email accounts. You have great intentions, sit back, set everything up, and then after a few months forget everything. Rinse and repeat. And here I am. I’ve created several so far…

This one > https://jasonvowleswriter.wordpress.com/

And this one > https://jrvowlesauthor.wordpress.com/

Naturally all inaccessible because I’m good like that. But, after a lot of rummaging, I managed to break into this one, which incidentally has most of my scribblings on from back in the day.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jason,
    Just read Crimson snow (Sent to me by my son Adam)
    Well done!
    A few little good twists . Keep going


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