The Road to Self-Publishing: #7 Starting a Website

I can’t wait to read this blog post back one day, after a further decade of experience, and cringe inwardly. But I’m committed to writing about my self-publishing story and that includes managing a website!

The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media

I’ve never been, am, nor will ever try to profess myself to be savvy with social media. The extent of it arrives at a selection of memes and that’s about it, I’m afraid. I do try my best but really, what I’ve discovered with self-publishing, is that it’s not good enough. You need to thoroughlyContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #5 Day in a Life of Writing

So what does my day-to-day look like exactly? For many it’s hectic, for others, it’s bliss. Unfortunately, I tend to fall into the prior category, balancing my writing and reading around a full-time job. Check out the below to see how I attempt to fit writing a novel into my routines!

The Road to Self-Publishing: #4 Struggling to Write During Lockdown

This book has been the longest project I’ve ever worked on. It’s such an enormous part of me and I mean to see it through. But this Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), has really stretched me out thin. Like Bilbo Baggins said, “Like butter, scraped over too much bread.”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #3 What Do I Want to Write in the Future?

My first and probably second novels will be crime fiction. But is that all I want to write and be known for? Absolutely not. Crime fiction is an itch that I’ve wanted to scratch for a while now and one that’ll be satisfied come June 2020! But it’s not all I want to do…

The Road to Self-Publishing: #2 Why Do I Write in the First Place?

It’s a pretty big question to unpack. Why do I write? Why does anyone write? My answer is a bit more of a story, really. When I was young, I didn’t write/read at all. I spent most of my time goofing about or playing outside climbing trees. Truth is, I was more of a drawerContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #2 Why Do I Write in the First Place?”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #1 Why Do I Want to Self-Publish?

I want to start documenting things a bit more – to diarise my life and process throughout this whole saga. How did I get here? What am I doing to self-publish, and why the hell I’m doing it in the first place? Which is a great topic for this first entry… Why do I wantContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #1 Why Do I Want to Self-Publish?”

Remember Renato

Renato = To rise again Still yet to make the dialogue far more authentic and create a more real environment that’s true to the location. Get a rich sense of the culture. Renato’s interactions with his wife were cracked and cursed like the baked yellow lands surrounding them. A small house, white and tiled, evenContinue reading “Remember Renato”

A Listening Whisper

Wow, so I found an old story I wrote for school when I was something like 14. (Had to open it in Open Office because my ruddy Microsoft has expired as usual). So I’ve realised I had started typing it up because the original is a printed copy in my attic.  I’ve managed to typeContinue reading “A Listening Whisper”