The Road to Self-Publishing: #7 Starting a Website

I can’t wait to read this blog post back one day, after a further decade of experience, and cringe inwardly. But I’m committed to writing about my self-publishing story and that includes managing a website!

The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media

I’ve never been, am, nor will ever try to profess myself to be savvy with social media. The extent of it arrives at a selection of memes and that’s about it, I’m afraid. I do try my best but really, what I’ve discovered with self-publishing, is that it’s not good enough. You need to thoroughlyContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #5 Day in a Life of Writing

So what does my day-to-day look like exactly? For many it’s hectic, for others, it’s bliss. Unfortunately, I tend to fall into the prior category, balancing my writing and reading around a full-time job. Check out the below to see how I attempt to fit writing a novel into my routines!

The Road to Self-Publishing: #4 Struggling to Write During Lockdown

This book has been the longest project I’ve ever worked on. It’s such an enormous part of me and I mean to see it through. But this Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), has really stretched me out thin. Like Bilbo Baggins said, “Like butter, scraped over too much bread.”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #3 What Do I Want to Write in the Future?

My first and probably second novels will be crime fiction. But is that all I want to write and be known for? Absolutely not. Crime fiction is an itch that I’ve wanted to scratch for a while now and one that’ll be satisfied come June 2020! But it’s not all I want to do…

The Road to Self-Publishing: #2 Why Do I Write in the First Place?

It’s a pretty big question to unpack. Why do I write? Why does anyone write? My answer is a bit more of a story, really. When I was young, I didn’t write/read at all. I spent most of my time goofing about or playing outside climbing trees. Truth is, I was more of a drawerContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #2 Why Do I Write in the First Place?”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #1 Why Do I Want to Self-Publish?

I want to start documenting things a bit more – to diarise my life and process throughout this whole saga. How did I get here? What am I doing to self-publish, and why the hell I’m doing it in the first place? Which is a great topic for this first entry… Why do I wantContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #1 Why Do I Want to Self-Publish?”

Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 6 – Classic Guitar Making

This was definitely my most drunk podcast recording yet. I’m still enjoying them but feeling perhaps this sort of theme/structure might near the end of its lifespan. I’m considering doing more regular podcasts but more structured to discuss what I’m reading and most importantly, the journey I’m going on in getting my writing together. I’mContinue reading “Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 6 – Classic Guitar Making”