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Book Review: Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

Genre: Crime/Thriller Pages: 337 Publisher: Orion Publishing Printer: CPI Group ISBN: 978-1049170709 Price: £7.99

Book Review: Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

Genre: Crime/Thriller Pages: 400 Publisher: Orion Publishing Printer: CPI Group ISBN: 978-1409168768 Price: £8.99

Book Covers

On the way back from a day of meetings in London and thought I’d write up a blog post of where I’m now at with the book!

Writing My Novel: An Essay

Back in the winter of 2015, I attended a seminar for my English Literature class which started the wheel towards what I now have today. A very nearly completed novel. Sat amongst a largely mature classroom of fellow Open Uni students, we were given… Continue Reading “Writing My Novel: An Essay”

Book Review: One by One – Chris Carter

Genre: Crime/Thriller Pages: 500 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Printer: CPI Group ISBN: 978-0-85720-306-9 Price: £12.99

A Look Toward 2020

Judging by the dates of my previous posts, you’ll be right in assuming I’ve gone off the boil somewhat. Quite a bit actually. I’ve dabbled in blogging here and there ever since my very long stint of book reviewing as TheNovelReviewer and TheLordOfTheReads. I’d… Continue Reading “A Look Toward 2020”

Easter Special: A new roommate named Jesus [Reddit Original]

An excellent writing prompt I found on Reddit. It’s be an extraordinarily long time since I posted here. I’ve been productive though, not to worry! A small thing called a novel stumbled out of my head and it’s all on ‘paper’ now. So there’s… Continue Reading “Easter Special: A new roommate named Jesus [Reddit Original]”

The Time Travelling Reaper [Reddit Original]

“What do you mean, it’s a bad idea? It’s a fantastic idea!” “Winston, is it any wonder why this has been disapproved by the entire board. It’s not ready!” “Blimey, who put your dong in a thong? They’re pessimists, Alfred, pessimists. The science is… Continue Reading “The Time Travelling Reaper [Reddit Original]”

The F*cker [Reddit Original]

NSFW:  Another rushed piece I didn’t have time to finish. Busy with the new job! Like the previous, I’ve drawn from Stephen King massively. I also get inspiration from the likes of Jo Nesbo and even Dean Koontz who has a particular way of… Continue Reading “The F*cker [Reddit Original]”

The Three Scavengers [Reddit Original]

Another piece from [WP] on Reddit. I now write there under the name Book_Wizard. This one needs a bit of editing but needed to post it up on here for the time being. I want to focus on Spring Town. Hope you enjoy! No… Continue Reading “The Three Scavengers [Reddit Original]”