Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 5 – Brexit

Yup. I’ve gone and done it. The thing is, my recording days are Friday’s and yesterday as, for anyone in the know, Brexit day! I couldn’t pass this up so, after a good few beers from my trusted Lidl, I dove straight in. https://jrvowles.podbean.com/e/drunk-wiki-episode-5-brexit/ I’ll return to my usual format next week by speaking aboutContinue reading “Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 5 – Brexit”

Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 3 – Mic Gilette

Morning all! Another Saturday and another podcast. Sadly I do not have a generic image to throw up but that’s something I’ll work on. This episode is a little shorter but definitely a great listen if you like music history and idiots prattling on into a cheap microphone about stuff he barely understands. https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-p8a4z-d00af4 AsContinue reading “Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 3 – Mic Gilette”

Podcast: Episode 1 – Drunk Wiki

Evenin’ all, I’ve started up the podcast series ‘Drunk Wiki’ which will be a weekly affair depending on how popular it gets. I will be upgrading this website to allow for straight audio uploads but until then, please click the link below and enjoy! https://www.podbean.com/eu/pb-bryj8-ccc87f   (Apologies for the site name, I chose ‘Mad Cretin’Continue reading “Podcast: Episode 1 – Drunk Wiki”