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Drippy the Rain Drop

Here’s a short-story about a rain drop called Drippy. I wrote it in an alarmingly short space of time when I was huddled inside my families craft shop. My imagination suddenly sparked. I could write about anything. Anything my Nan asked? What about a… Continue Reading “Drippy the Rain Drop”

Remember Renato

Renato = To rise again Still yet to make the dialogue far more authentic and create a more real environment that’s true to the location. Get a rich sense of the culture. Renato’s interactions with his wife were cracked and cursed like the baked… Continue Reading “Remember Renato”

A Listening Whisper

Wow, so I found an old story I wrote for school when I was something like 14. (Had to open it in Open Office because my ruddy Microsoft has expired as usual). So I’ve realised I had started typing it up because the original… Continue Reading “A Listening Whisper”


As per my first post, this is a direct copy and paste from my original website. I will be posting the others over as well tonight and begin typing up the others. Please note all work is largely unedited, which I’ll never get around… Continue Reading “Joe”