The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media

I’ve never been, am, nor will ever try to profess myself to be savvy with social media. The extent of it arrives at a selection of memes and that’s about it, I’m afraid. I do try my best but really, what I’ve discovered with self-publishing, is that it’s not good enough. You need to thoroughlyContinue reading “The Road to Self-Publishing: #6 Social Media”

The Road to Self-Publishing: #5 Day in a Life of Writing

So what does my day-to-day look like exactly? For many it’s hectic, for others, it’s bliss. Unfortunately, I tend to fall into the prior category, balancing my writing and reading around a full-time job. Check out the below to see how I attempt to fit writing a novel into my routines!

The Road to Self-Publishing: #4 Struggling to Write During Lockdown

This book has been the longest project I’ve ever worked on. It’s such an enormous part of me and I mean to see it through. But this Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), has really stretched me out thin. Like Bilbo Baggins said, “Like butter, scraped over too much bread.”

Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 5 – Brexit

Yup. I’ve gone and done it. The thing is, my recording days are Friday’s and yesterday as, for anyone in the know, Brexit day! I couldn’t pass this up so, after a good few beers from my trusted Lidl, I dove straight in. I’ll return to my usual format next week by speaking aboutContinue reading “Podcast: Drunk Wiki Episode 5 – Brexit”

Hello world (and beyond)!

This is your very first post. No shit… So, I did actually begin compiling my stories on another site; but the incredible security sensitivities with WordPress and hotmail, I could not access again. Woops. As such, I’ll plonk the stuff from there over here and post the rest of the stories I’ve been scribblingContinue reading “Hello world (and beyond)!”